Explore Campus Living

Living on campus at ϲԤ provides unique opportunities that allow students to integrate the academic, residential, and social experience and to create a sense of belonging. Explore housing options and how living on campus can enhance your ϲԤ experience.

Academics is a priority for Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH), so it is important to us to provide you with the tools for success. You’ll find a variety of academic initiatives in your on-campus residence, which may include classes right where you live, faculty, technology, study rooms, and workshops.

three students sitting at table with books, papers, and a green backpack in loyd commons

The live-on advantage

Living on campus gives students an academic edge. According to the American Council on Education, studies show that students who reside on campus:

  • Achieve higher grade-point averages.
  • Report a higher degree of satisfaction with the college experience.
  • Have higher retention and graduation rates.
  • Are more likely to succeed in college and complete a bachelor’s degree in four years.  
  • Participate in more extracurricular activities.
  • Have a more positive self-image, as well as enhanced self-confidence, public-speaking ability, and self-reliance.

In addition, students who live on campus have built-in resources and opportunities, such as access to campus resources, student leadership positions, and increased faculty interactions. Explore these opportunities and more on the get involved menu above, or take a closer look at the data on ϲԤ on-campus students as they relate to retention, satisfaction, and success.