ϲԤ welcomes our students’ families and guests to take part in the recognition of their graduate’s accomplishments.


Secure your tickets for ϲԤ’s upcoming Commencement by following the provided instructions on the ticketing page. 

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Parking and accessibility

Campus event parking instructions and accommodations for guests with specific needs.

Decorum and attire

Respect for the occasion’s significance is ϲԤ’s highest priority. Professional dress is recommended. Please stay seated and avoid disruptions. Silence all mobile and electronic devices. Share your enthusiasm without disturbing others; please express your excitement without interfering with other guests ability to hear the speakers and the rest of the ceremony.

Places to stay

There are a multitude of accommodations in the Dallas area. Commencement Weekend is a very busy time, so make sure to secure your reservations early!


Personal photographs may be taken before and after the Commencement ceremony. Guests are not permitted on the floor of the arena. Formal portraits by Flash Photography for all candidates in regalia may be taken the morning of Commencement. If you have questions concerning these photographs, please contact Flash Photography at 214-443-9393.

Check with your candidate’s school or department for individual photo and policies or for questions regarding photographers in attendance at the degree recognition ceremonies.

ϲԤ has a variety of iconic photo opportunities on campus. Be sure to check them out!